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Super Spectacular! To Opera with Love – Dononvan Ensemble – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

2 Showmen – 6 Operas – 1 hysterical hour!

Merril Garrick and his assistant Emmett take the audience on a roller coaster ride of hilarity by presenting absurdly reinvented seven-minute versions of the world’s greatest operas.

Johnnie Niel (Emmett) and Joe Kolbow (Merril Garrick) perform their wonderful OPERA tribute…

Emmett helps Merril Garrick with his coat. (all thru the show)

They perform complete operas ranging from Carmen to La Boheme to …

….Madame Butterfly

Emmet (with his traveling poncho) and Merril are ready to finish the show.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For more information on the Donovan Ensemble go HERE!

Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012 Performing Arts Photography The Brick

La Piara – “Guerra” – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

From Mexico City/Chicago, Illinois

La Piara Teatro


 Guerra: A Clown Play combines slapstick, clown, dance, bouffant, and farce to tell the story of a military outpost’s last stand. Created by a Mexican/U.S. collaborative team, Guerra is performed in three languages and features a trio of incompetent officers engaged in a struggle against a vast unseen enemy. Their epic yet intimate journey features a recruitment lottery, bloodthirsty nursery rhymes, and at least one aerial bombardment. Guerra blends bombast and camp with serious echoes of American and Mexican military realities to create an irreverent and darkly resonant satire.

 Created by La Piara with Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo

Performed by La Piara (Artús Chávez, Fernando Córdova, and Madeleine Sierra)

Directed by Seth Bockley and Devon de Mayo

Artus Chavez is delightful as the leader of the group.

Artus Chavez, Fernando Cordova and Madeleine Sierra make up La Piara Teatro.

Artus Chavez comforts Madeleine Sierra in a war scene.

Madeleine Sierra shows off her battle wounds to the audience in GUERRA.

Fernando Cordova has some funny eyes and great scenes in GUERRA.

A humorous moment during the dressing of the Chief in camouflage garb.

Artus Chavez sings while the paper airplanes fly over head.Madeleine, Artus and Fernando take their bow at the end of a very funny show!

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Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2012 Performing Arts Photography The Brick Variety Arts

2012 New York Clown Theatre Festival – “On The Nose” – Mark Jaster & Sabrina Mandell

‘on the nOse’

Directed by Elena Day and written by Antony Bolante


Mark Jaster

Sabrina Mandell

A wonderful program that incorporates video interviews with different clown professionals and on stage ‘clown’ business that helps explain the art form and it’s many different traditions.

Sabrina Mandell and Mark Jaster begin the show with some funny business.

The professor uses a new machine that monitors ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers.

Sabrina Mandell is the candidate for this new device.

The professor demonstrates many different props used by many different types of clowns over the years.

Sabrina gets a hold of one of the ‘traditional’ clown props and questions it’s use.

After much discussion about ‘pie in the face’ Sabrina decides she wants the honors.

Audience member Carol Sirugo gets the honors of doing the ‘pie in the face’.

The professor looks at Sabrina with question as she reads the ‘survey’ that the audience participated in.

The Professor (Mark Jaster) questions the power of the jester stick.

Mark and Sabrina finish the show with a nice little song that they play.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Each clown is the expression of a unique comedic soul, so the connection he makes is uniquely personal.

It’s a direct connection that ignores the usual barriers between artist and audience. Yet, by embodying our most basic qualities, the clown’s appeal is also universal. Through laughter, clowns restore our spirit and rekindle out sense of play. They understand that laughter is more than the sound of joy. It’s the sign of our humanity, and it signals our recognition of the humanity of others. To inspire laughter is to inspire compassion, empathy, even fraternity. Clowns are important not because they can change the world, but because they believe then can. Laugh a little. Open your heart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Will Shaw – DEADPAN ALLEY – 2012 NY Clown Theatre Festival

Will Shaw


In Deadpan Alley, Will Shaw uses his skills as a juggler and musician to explore the big questions such as: Huh? . . . and: What the . . . ?

Also featured will be random discourse as well as periodic non sequitur. Persons with a history of sensitivity to quandary or predicament should consult a doctor before attending this performance.

There certainly is a reason the show is called DEAD PAN ALLEY.

WillShaw balances a ball on a stick while playing classical piano.

A moment of reflection inbetween juggling and playing music.

WillShaw balances cigar boxes on his chin.

Will Shaw spins tops that spin in many different places.

The top spins and causes little pain to Will Shaw.

Will Shaw performs many wonderful top tricks.

An innocent audience member becomes a top spinning surface for Will Shaw.

Will Shaw discusses with the audience the many kinds of tops.

Will Shaw performs with many sized tops.

The ‘toy baby’ arm balances the spinning ball.

Will Shaw balances a ball on his head while juggling 3.

Will performs with the devil sticks.

Will finishes the show in clown shoes and clown nose (that lights up) playing BACH.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~