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2011 “Morro and Jasp GONE WILD – NY Clown Theater Festival

Toronto duo Morro and Jasp are BACK!

And they are going WILD!

The show is a roller coaster ride for both the performers and the audience.

HIgh energy clown trip for spring break. One can only imagine what can happen?

I have illustrated the evening activities with a few choice photographs to give you an idea.

Using a frisbee as her steering wheel they begin their journey to the other side of reality.

A cell phone call sets Morro off.

Jasp looks for help when she realizes her traveling partner Morro has died. (so she thinks!)

Jasp tries to explain to the audience about her new found understanding of Maslow.

Morro demonstrates to Jasp her erotic love of Barbie.

Jasp tries to contain Morro’s wild energy bursts.

The audience has no time to rest as Jasp sits in an audience members lap.

Morro douces the tank tops with beer. Audience member stands by trying to stay dry.

Morro decides to enter a ‘wet t-shirt’ contest.

After all is said and done (the adventure finally ends!) it is comforting to know you have a good friend.

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The NY Clown Theater Festival is held at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.



Performing Arts Photography

David Cale – Writer, monologist, songwriter, performance artist.

I first met David Cale in 1982 performing at the Westbeth Theater Center’s Monday night show. He has gone onto create a diverse career for himself  by writing and performing, singing and directing. I wanted to ask him about his work and what he is doing at this time in his life. Here is the video interview as he answers those questions.

“David Cale…is a spellbinder. Fascinating as he is to watch, and exquisite as his verbal imagery can be, it is Cale’s gifts as a storyteller that hold an audience rapt.” Steven Winn/San Francisco Chronicle

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Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.30.29 PMDavid Cale will be performing his work “Deep in a Dream of You” at LaMama on Feb 6th and 7th.

Go here for more information/Tickets.

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