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The Metaphysical Mask Improv

Stanley Allan Sherman’s MASK ARTS COMPANY presented a workshop with Peter Kors in Metaphysical Mask. The students spent time developing an understanding and performing Metaphysical Mask improvisations through out the workshop. Peter is possibly the only person that comprehends and values Carlo Mazzone-Clementi’s pioneering work with this mask.

Here is the teacher Peter Kors with Stanley Allan Sherman workshop presenter, teacher and mask maker taking the opportunity to do the final improvisation of the workshop together at pierStudios. The sound track was added by me.

Video © 2011 Jim Moore


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My Collection – LaFollette – The Man of Many Faces

I have collected a nice assortment of Quick Change memorabilia over the course of my life.

Working on the definitive history book on QC titled “Quick Change in American Vaudeville” many years ago led me to some amazing collections and information.

Here are a few pieces I have on George LaFollette – The Man of Many Faces (aka George Reuschling and Rush Ling Toy (born 12/8/1886)

Signed LaFollette Program from 1948

Inside back cover of Program with two puzzles.

An early mailer of LaFollette promoting himself to churches and school. (Inside of Flyer.)

This front panel of the flyer designates that John Mulholland at Sphinx Magazine was the recipient.

(For more information on George LaFollette see David Price’s MAGIC – A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF CONJURERS in The THEATER)