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The LeRoy Sisters host Clown Theatre Festival Cabaret – Sept.16th!

The LeRoy Sisters

(Aimee German and Jennifer Sargent)


This rollicking variety cabaret had something for everyone. Let’s get goin to introduce you to the cast!


CHANNEL ONE (Ishah Janssen-Faith and Emily James)

Ishah Janssen-Faith and Emily James crack up with the audience.



Intelligence, satire, music and wit made up this delightful show.


HARLAN the MAGNIFICENT (Quince Marcum and Tanya Solomon.)

The chemistry between these two could  light a molotov cocktail.

Cloris Flap (Tanya Solomon) is beginning to learn the ropes of magic.



“Look at me…yea look…where is the love coming from? Huh?”

A challenge for anyone! Including her creator Nettie.



A little uke and lots of great words make up this show!

What can I see over there? Is it something new and exciting? Probably not!


MISERY IN B FLAT – Dreagn Foltz and Carol Lee Sirugo

Love prevails after many wild bouts of anger and physical acrobatics.


SEND IN THE ANGELS – Denni Dennis and Clare Parry-Jones

Actions speak louder than words especially in a pillow fight.


The wonderful hostesses The LeRoy Sisters

A message for the Audience to decide what change of clothes they should make.

Curtain call for a great line up of talent.


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The Kapinski Private Eye Academy – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

The Kapinski Private Eye Academy

It was a cold and windy night with a thunder storm. The rain came down.

The show had to move from it’s original location to under the BQE.

These photographs were taken as evidence that the show went on despite the weather.

Butt Kapinski heralded the crowd of spectators to gather together and peruse the situation at this new yet unknown territory.

Walking with the crowd checking out the clues.

What is going on here? Let’s find out.

Yeah. It goes like this! You need to ‘want’ to investigate.

This is what I am talking about! Concern and insight.

As the crowd watches on the real ‘threat’ hides behind the column.

This victim is squirming and shaking so much from the knives imbedded in his chest. What to do?

The lineup. The Audience. The students. The action is near!

The Private Eye Academy students watch as Butt Kapinski tells it like it is!

When all is said and done the detective and director walk off into the night!

Great show and a learning experience for all.


Music scored and performed by Snaps Alden and Patrick Farrell

Security by Joe Kolbow, Johnnie Niel, and Ralf Jean-Pierre

Written by Deanna Fleysher, Eric Davis, Sarah ‘Snaps’ Alden, Patrick Farrell, Joe Kolbow and Johnnie Niel.

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Channel One with Ishah Janssen-Faith and Emily James – NY Clown Theatre Festival

This interview is with the creators and performers of the show CHANNEL ONE. Ishah Janssen-Faith and Emily James are the duo aka ‘James and JF‘. I had a few minutes before their show at The Brick to ask them a few questions about how the show came about and what their original idea was to create it. The show is part of the NY Clown Theatre Festival.


This wild roller coaster of a show had me laughing so hard I found myself having trouble shooting the photographs.
It was broken down into sections. Each one was a ‘TV Show’ of sorts that takes place in the future.
I cannot comment on all the sections of the show except to say it was delightful, hysterical, intelligent and original.
I am posting the best images i have of the show for your perusal.


Opening sequence of the show was really fun.

Karla’s Kitchen was a cooking show with flare and laughter.

Dancing on the cooking show. Wouldn’t that be fun!

Emily just had so much trouble getting her show to start.

Heidi’s show and she made you know it.

Another dance number – this time on Heidi’s show.

This is the show “He’s Your Man Now’.

Thinking about the issue at hand.

He is your man now!

Next up was a ‘healer’ show with Emily.

The duo had a funny show called THE MONO SISTERS.

Never able to complete anything due to their case of mono.

Curtain call for two very funny and talents women.


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Trav S.D.’s Last Chance Saloon – Dixon Place – 9/24/2010

(Revisiting Trav S.D.’s Last Chance Saloon – Originally posted Sept. 24, 2010)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Trav S.D,’s Last Chance Saloon was a wonderful collection of performers from all disciplines.

Hosting the evenings festivities was non other than the man himself.

Trav S. D. invites the audience to partake in some vaudeville comic lines.

Let’s get this show ‘crackin’.


First up was a lovely songstress with a very charming voice.

Jullian Tully sang and enchanted the audience.


In between the acts Trav S.D. was there to remind us about ‘vaudeville’s roots and history.

Trav S.D. has written extensively about vaudeville in his blog and his book “No Applause, Just Throw Money, The Book That Made Vaudeville Famous.”


Next up in the amazing lineup was Lorinne Lampert.

A beautiful voice, great dancer and charming stage personality.

Sang the wonderful classic “Ta-ra-ra-doom-de-ay” with audience participation.


Music was in the air in this Saloon as DYE VIOLETS came up next to entertain.

Adam Swiderski – Guitat, harmonica,vocals – Sarah Engelke – Accordion,ukelele, vocals.

Original songs with terrific voices made this duet a hit.


TRAV S.D. is not one to miss a chance to get some funny lines in between the acts.


A multi talented musician and singer is Jenny Lee Mitchell (disguised tonight as Deirdre Theramin.)

Deirdre Theramin sings a libretto.

Jenny Lee Mitchell also performs with a hysterically funny and talented band called “The Maestrosities”.


‘The Children of the People’ was the band that Trav S.D. formed and sang with.


(Oweinama Biu, Derek Davidson, Chris Talsness,Robert Pinnock, Jullian Tully)


Last but not least was a gentleman that ‘told stories’ that were just plain funny.



Until next time…

Thanks for coming to the Last Chance Saloon!