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First Clown Cabaret -Sept 9th, 2010 – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

The evening was a blast with host ERIC DAVIS heading up a long line of variety performers/clowns.

The first act of the evening was CIRKUS LUNA. A wild band of gypsy performers try and make you laugh.

Directly from their website:

“Hailing from East Molvenia, Cirkus Luna may be the worst circus act ever to perform in public. Nothing this family troupe does comes remotely close to demonstrating skill.”

So needless to say they had an idea to get their two lovely ladies to do a little ‘strip’ show. They wouldn’t go for it.

So the remaining two performers took it upon themselves to entertain the audience with their ‘own’ male strip show!

They got all naked and left the stage. I have decided not to post these embarrassing photographs. (see me later!)


Next to appear was the duo:

Diz and Izzy

Mark Jaster and Sabrina Mandell from the Happenstance Theatre.

In the tradition of Burns & AllenBall & ArnazSeeley & Fields,
this offbeat couple brings their baggage to the stage
in harmonies from Between-the-Wars
and cheery songs of the Great Depression.

Slapstick comedy, ukulele and musical saw
in a sweet little music hall show.


Next onstage is a wild and funny:

“CLIFF” (Barbara Ann Michaels)

Ready to Rock!

A volunteer or two would help make this music rock!

Directed by Deborah Kaufman



with Richard Harrington and Laura Walton.

Changing their clothes to suit one another’s clothes.

Now the ball is in someone else’s hands!


A title that gives away the story to be told!


featuring Audrey Crabtree and Jonathan Kaplan. (aka Two Hander)

A tumultuous family life that needs no explanation.


To introduce all the acts one by one was the wonderful joke and riddle rattling Eric Davis


Leah Abel and Olivia Lehrman

A strange tale between a spinster and a wildly strange ole man.

Suddenly we have a case of jealous contempt.

A race for who can empty the small container with the miniscule straw.

Audience members were invited up to help the battle continue.

The macho instinct rears it’s head (Mom tattoo) once more in the battle of the sexes.

Finally they make up and begin what seems like a lovely fetish.

But the relationship goes downhill from here. Licking shoes…Yuk!!!



Summer Shapiro and Peter Musante

A beautiful example of physical theatre and it’s capacity to tell a story.


A wild man on the loose hosting the Cabaret! Look at those eyes.



with Miss Saturn (Jenny McGowan)

Amazing hula hoop talent.

Amy Lee from Morro and Jasp gets into the hoop with Miss Saturn for a great ‘finale’.


A great time for the audience and a terrfic time for the cast!


Next CLOWN CABARET is Sept 16th with the Leroy Sisters Hosting!


For more information on the NY Clown Festival click here!


Clown NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010 Performing Arts Photography Video

Morro and Jasp do Puberty – NY Clown Theatre Festival Show

Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee are



The show is about two sisters going thru the day to day turmoil of a girl’s life in puberty together.

Here are a selection of photographs from the evenings performance.

It was a delightful romp thru these sister’s lives. Funny with very poignant moments.

A charming amount of audience interaction was on hand!

What is a sister without phone issues?

A secret life is revealed!

“This device must have been invented by a man”.

This audience member found out it has many uses.

A novel use of the sticky surface.

An innocent audience member gets subjected to the ‘makeover’.

The puberty age does have it’s consequences.

An audience member (Billy Dee Bedlam) becomes her Don Juan.

After a very trying experience discovering ‘puberty’. Whew!

The curtain call involved a friend who was involved in the production. It was his birthday!


Many people helped make this show what it is but the main person responsible was Co-Artistic Director

Byron Laviolette

Byron Laviolette is a Canadian playwright, director, dramaturge and critic who has been involved in theatre making and production for the last 20 years. Highlights include the world première of Waiting for Gilgamesh: Scenes from Iraq; Theatre du Refuse’s five star run of The Hunt For Treasure in the Toronto Fringe and its remount in N.Y.C in 2007 with English Rose Productions; Morro and Jasp do Puberty with U.N.I.T. Productions as well as the Canadian Premiere of Reefer Madness at the Hart House Theatre in 2006.

Byron is currently completing a PhD degree in Theatre Studies at York University, working on a dissertation on Canadian Theatre History and his criticism can be read frequently in EYE WEEKLY.


This show has been the recipient of many awards including:

Canadian Comedy Awards Nominee 2010

Best of Toronto Fringe Festival 2010


Here is an interview I did with the Co-Directors at Goods Restaurant across the street from The Brick Theatre




Morro and Jasp Interview by Jim Moore from Jim Moore on Vimeo.