Great books from storage!

Today I had a chance to go thru my storage space and find some of my favorite theatre/variety books.

I want to post the covers here to show you what I was reading back then.

Published in 1974 by E.F. Dutton & Co. Great autobiography of Jean Louis Barrault.

Pictured on the cover in his costume for Le Enfant des Paradis. His performance was patterned after the great Jean-Gaspard Deburau.

Which leads me to the next book

The biography of Jean-Garpard Deburau by Tristan Remy with an preface by Jean Louis Barrault.

Of course the ‘father of modern mime’ was Etienne Decroux. This is his book!

Parole sur le Mime by Etienne Decroux – Published 1963 by Gallimard/Paris

One of the wonderful things about the 60’s and 70’s was the diverse attention paid to all the variety arts.

Here is another great read in it’s coverage of the history of Magic.

Panorama of Magic by Milbourne Christopher – Published by Dover 1963.

~ ~ ~

To see how the theatre influenced New York during it’s development you can read Mary Henderson’s book.

The City and the Theatre by Mary Henderson – Published by James T. White & Co. 1973

A great journey through the history of New York City. A unique story of the New York playhouses and how they developed over a period embracing three centuries.

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I will post more at a later date when I have more time to go thru the large boxes still left to peruse.

Jim R. Moore


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