Bonnie He – “A Terrible Show for Terrible People” – NY Clown Theater Festival 2018

I roller coaster ride thru the mind of Bonnie He. Raunch in a fun way!

Bonnie He uses her delightfully mimetic facial expressions throughout the show.

The sexual insinuations run rampant in the show in a hysterical way.

The iconic image of the loving wife and ‘sports addicted’ husband make an appearance in the show.Bonnie is wonderfully ‘seductive’ in a very comical way that garnered the audience’s laughter.

There are many other photographs which I am NOT going to include here since it will spoil your experience of the show. I suggest you go see it since she has ONLY 2 more performances at The NY Clown Theater Festival.

Monday, September 10 @ 9pm
Wednesday, September 12 @ 7pm

Go here for tickets!

579 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11211
(between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street)

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of