BAX – Brooklyn Arts Exchange – 20th Birthday Celebration


When my son Cody was a young child my wife and I took him to BAX for classes on the weekends. We became friends with one of the terrific teachers there. Fernando Maneca. He taught many great classes including one stage combat class which Cody took. It was a great experience for my son and I will never forget it. 15 years later Fernando is the Press and Marketing Director.

I am delighted to know that BAX is still providing the community with a nurturing, year-round, performance, rehearsal and educational venue in Brooklyn that encourages artistic risk-taking and stimulates a dialogue among diverse constituencies. When I was invited to Attend their 20th Anniversary Party I had to go. Here are a few videos and pictures I took that evening.

Brooklyn Arts Exchange – BAX – 20th Anniversary Party

Thursday May 5th, 2011

Hosted by George Emilio and Christalyn Wright

Performances were by LAVA, Famous Accordion Orchestra, Mike Albo, Faye Driscoll, BAXco Youth Dance Company (performing choreography by Nami Yamamoto) and Drew Petersen.


Presented by Marya Warshaw, Founding & Executive Director of BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange

Awards were given to the following for their achievements and excellence in their fields.

GUS SOLOMONS Jr. – Choreographer and Co-Founder of PARADIGM – Passing it on to Malcolm Jason Low

TERRY GREISS – Co-Founder/Executive Director of IRONDALE ENSEMBLE PROJECT. – Passing it on to Leese Walker

LESLIE STRONGWATER – former Associate Director of Dixon Place – Passing it on to Andy Horwitz

JOSE JOAQUIN GARCIA – Leading teacher artist at Brooklyn New School(BNS) -Long standing partnership with BAX

The BAX Passing It On Awards creates a complete cycle where a panel of peers chooses the awardees and the awardees choose someone who demonstrates some of the same qualities that they, themselves, were chosen for.

Marya Warshaw toasting with everyone the 20th Anniversary of BAX

Video of Marya awarding Gus Solomons Jr. the “PASSING IT ON” Award.

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Video of Marya awarding Leslie Strongwater the “PASSING IT ON” Award.

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Jim R. Moore


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