Mr. Aviner’s Variety Hour – Dixon Place – Sept. 1st, 2011

Hosted by Book Kennison

Produced by Josh Aviner

~ ~ ~

What an amazing selection of artists in this program.

Book Kennison is the MC of the evening’s festivities. Making funny comments all night long!

Cody Schreger performs in the ’round’ with harmonica and electric guitar accompanist.

Jacob Sharpe performing the ‘diablo’. An amazing display of technique and personal charm.

Spencer Novich performs his ‘metaphyiscal’ movement piece to an amazing sound collage.

Joachim Ciocca performs on the unicycle like it is part of his own body. Amazingly beautiful work!

Book Kennison is stuck in a tennis racket and trying to get back to his MC mike.

Mike Dobson is always available for quips to counter Book Kennison’s comments. Dry and hysterical humor.

Jimmy “Tapz” from Baton Rouge taps up and amazing storm assisted by vocal electronic feedback.

Jacob Sharpe demonstrates his profound command over juggling almost anything.

Natalie Oleinik performing on the Rope in a most exquisite physical style.

Spencer Novich and Book Kennison doing what only 2 very thin acrobatic performers could do!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A great evening of variety and technical skills by some wonderful new talent.


Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of