The American Mime Theatre – 60 Years Celebration – Founder and Director Paul J. Curtis

The American Mime Theatre is a professional performing company and training school. It was founded in 1952 and has performed continously since then, under the direction of Paul J. Curtis, who created the medium.

On April 7th they celebrated the 60th Anniversary and invited students and admirers from all generations.

I had studied with Paul J. Curtis beginning in 1973. I was to become their primary photographer for many years to come and document shows, classes and rehearsals. It was a great treat to see my friends that I had shared class with back in the 70’s. The new company displayed wonderful technique and stage presence.

Here are a few photographs from the evenings festivities.

The evening started with an OPEN REHEARSAL.

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Pictured above – Mario Bruau, Bryan Fernandez, Carissa Toro, Simona Popescu.

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Pictured here -Mario Brufau, Carissa Toro, Simona Popescu, Forrest Seamons, Bryan Fernandez

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Mario Brufau, Forrest Seamons, Bryan Fernandez

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Pictured here – Mario Brufau

Pictured here – Mario Brufau, Jean Barbour

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Pictured here – Mario Brufau, Bryan Fernandez, Jean Barbour, Matt LeClair, Carissa Toro, Forrest Seamons.

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Curtain Call

Jean Barbour receives flowers from the cast of The American Mime Theatre.

The audience cheers on the performers.

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The 60th Anniversary Cake

Founder and Director Paul J. Curtis observes the cake and considers blowing out the candle.

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Fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, wraps, and good sparkling wine. Great PARTY!

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Here is a video from the 50th Anniversary taken by Joseph Citta. Thanks for letting me post this!

[responsive_vimeo 39935623 noportrait nobyline]

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of