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The American Mime Theatre ~ Celebrating its 69th Wonderful year!

The American Mime Theatre is celebrating its 69th Anniversary on April 7th, 2021. Founded by Paul J. Curtis.

American Mime Theatre Mime Photography

Celebrating The American Mime Theatre

65 YEARS! “Hurly Burly” – with Paul J Curtis, Rick Wessler, and Charley Barney The photograph was taken at The American Mime Theatre Studio. The American Mime Theatre, Company and School, New York City, celebrated their 65th Anniversary on  April 7, 2017.  It all began in 1952 when a young 24-year-old, Paul J. Curtis, graduating […]

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Visiting Paul J. Curtis at The American Mime Theatre

For many years I attended the American Mime Theatre. It was located at 192 Second Avenue when I first began classes and subsequently moved to another location on Bond St later. I was working at the time in a photo lab on 23rd St and would go to class before my shift. (Nightshift started at […]

American Mime Theatre Mime Photography

Paul J. Curtis – Founder of The American Mime Theatre – 1927-2012

In loving Memory of Paul J. Curtis 1927–2012    Founder and Director of  The American Mime Theatre Paul J. Curtis (August 29, 1927– April 28 2012) was an American actor, mime, director and founder of The American Mime Theatre. He created the medium known as American Mime. He said, “American Mime is a complete theatre […]


The American Mime Theatre – 60 Years Celebration – Founder and Director Paul J. Curtis

The American Mime Theatre is a professional performing company and training school. It was founded in 1952 and has performed continously since then, under the direction of Paul J. Curtis, who created the medium. On April 7th they celebrated the 60th Anniversary and invited students and admirers from all generations. I had studied with Paul […]

Mime Photography

American Mime Theatre – Founded in 1952 by Paul J. Curtis

“Curtis is making American audiences realize there is an important difference between a Pantomimist and a Mime.”   Dance Magazine “Do see this company; it isn’t often you will get such a gift.”      Village Voice Photograph of AMT play ‘EVOLUTION’. Photograph of AMT play “SLUDGE”. Photographs of the American Mime Theatre company performing by […]

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WMChat #21 ~ US Women in Mime ~ “Surviving and Succeeding in the USA”

A rebroadcast of the World Mime Organization’s chats. On Nov. 14th the 2nd of USA Women in Mime. “Surviving and Succeeding in the USA”. A video discussion.

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Richmond Shepard, the worldest oldest mime! R.I.P.

I met Richmond a few times during mime performances he did that I photographed. I always wanted to do an interview with him but we never met up. I knew many students of his that became members of his company. I had bought his book when I was studying mime in the late 1970’s. I […]

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Broken Box Mime Theater – ‘SKIN’

  The Award-Winning Broken Box Mime Theater Returns Off-Broadway With SKIN An All-New Collection of Original Shorts With Heart and Humor Previews Begin January 18th Opening January 24th At The Jeffrey and Paula Gural Theatre at the A.R.T./New York Theatres The Innovative Theatre Award-winning Broken Box Mime Theater will premiere Skin, a new collection of short plays […]

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The Theatre of Robert Anton – An Exhibition

The Theater of Robert Anton It must have been early 1980’s, and I was working (performing as a mime) at an upstate NY fair “German Alps Festival” at Hunter Moutain. The festival included many performers and once in awhile we would meet up after the day’s work was done and attend a show or movie […]