2012 New York Clown Theatre Festival – The Brick Theater – Sept 7th thru 30th

The NY Clown Theatre Festival began it’s month long run with a delightful CLOWN PARADE that began at Union Square, NYC and ended at THE BRICK THEATER in Williamsburg.

Of course all the clowns took the L Train and walked with Police Escorts thru the streets of Williamsburg.

Here are a few photographs from that event!

Tanya Solomon – Clown Parade Coordiantor

Hilary Chaplain – Pie Fight Ref

Parade Bystander that got ‘clown nosed’.

Gustavo Pace with a nice clown costume.

Jeff Seal and Friend and Clown Theatre Festival Sign

Fairy Tale Lady…

Robert Honeywell performing as Marilyn Monroe on the vent at Union Square.

Summer the Clown and Audrey Crabtree.

Gustavo trying to get into the L Train going to Williamsburg…

Clowns parading down the avenue in Williamburg.

~ ~ ~ ~

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Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com