2011 – Tivo la Resistance! – Logic Limited, Ltd’s at the NY Clown Theater Festival

Enter the theatre and a trio of performers greet you with Dunkin Donut ‘Munchkins’ and lemonade. They take your name and immediately affix a name tag on your clothing. A lovely greeting to be a member of the ‘Underground’ meeting soon to take place.

Philip (Chris Arruda) offers an audience member some lemonade upon entering the theatre.

Karen (Sandi Carroll) Philip, and Stuart(Brad Fraizier) facing off with the audience after an amazing rolling chair routine by Stuart.

Suddenly a ‘TOP SECRET’ box is lowered down to the stage from the skies mysteriously.

Out of the box Karen finds a ‘TOP SECRET’ tape. The other members look on.

Philip O’Hara (Chris Arruda) points to a member of the audience.

Karen (Sandi Carroll) practices some ordinary facial disguises for the audience to see.

The members try and hang a banner and it turns out to be not so easy.

Karen tries to recruit a new member into the group with not much luck.

In the dark with only helmut flashlights they search the stage for clues.

They take the well deserved ‘curtain call’.

This show was a wonderful change of pace for the festival.

Performed my Chris Arruda, Sandi Carroll and Brad Fraizer.

With additional direction by Jane Nichols and Matt Steiner.




Jim R. Moore


Photographer/Videographer/Recluse Founder of Vaudevisuals.com