The Divinity Supply Company @LaMama ~ June 30-July 2nd. 

Thursday, June 30th – July 2nd at 8 pm (and Saturday at 3 pm and 8 pm)

Live at LaMaMa Experimental Theater Club in The Downstairs, 66 East 4th St.

The Divinity Supply Company is a new puppet show collaboration between Peter Schumann of the Bread and Puppet Theater and Boxcutter Collective. From out of nothing, an ancient god’s divine laughter creates the universe, then promptly abandons the scene. Ruled over by flimsy paper authorities, the newly created masses attempt to escape the darkness of the suffering valley with help from The Divinity Supply Company. But can The Divinity Supply Company produce the exact god for the exact dilemma, as they advertise? Or will the suffering valley be stuck in the Dilemma-Of-The-Pleading-Now as they stumble towards a There-Is-No-End-In-Sight Conclusion? Also featuring: clouds, Santa Claus, an Idiot Manifesto, a brass band, and a 100-watt lightbulb.

The Boxcutter Collective is NYC’s Punk Rock branch of world-famous Bread and Puppet Theater. They’re always smart, super talented, and as tight as a four-piece garage band…They are Anarchist Art Puppeteers and you should give them all your money.

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